Sunday, January 9, 2011

Time for a Seahawks Victory!

What fun it was to watch our former city’s football team win the game yesterday! Saturday’s game between the Seahawks (worst team record in the league) and the Saints (last year’s Super bowl champions) was a bit like David fighting Goliath. No one expected the outcome

The announcers were a bit shocked that Drew Brees and his team were beat. The fans (known as the 12th man) didn’t care HOW we made it to the play-offs, they were cheering on their quarterback, Matt and the whole team. Things just worked together to make it possible for “the giant” to be beat 41-36. Just like the success of the Saints brought the whole town of New Orleans together, I’m sure Western Washington is a happy place right now.

I’m glad God doesn’t care about our past and doesn’t keep a record of our mistakes. He’s focused on the present and our future. We’ve got a crowd cheering us on (believers who are already in Heaven, friends & disciples in our church) and we’re getting our power not from Gatorade and workouts but the Holy Spirit. God wants us to be successful while our address is earth, and live for our future in eternity.

We all love an underdog and it’s always an encouragement when someone receives grace and their past is forgiven. It’s exciting to think about the Seahawks having at chance at being in the Super Bowl when the odds are against them.

Who knew football and God had so much in common?

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