Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And So it Begins...

I'm here and this is my new view!!

I wrote this today on the plane. I was half-way between Chicago and Seattle. It was an expensive “movie ticket” but I finally got to see the Social Network. If I wasn’t so addicted to FACEBOOK, it almost made me want to quit…

After much prayer we decided back in November that I would take Sarah back to Gig Harbor, WA for 2nd semester and her senior year. After two months of planning the time has come. Mike & Sarah drove my car and arrived safely yesterday afternoon. Despite terrible weather throughout most of the country, they were fortunate to have decent weather as they crossed two mountain passes and navigated over 2000 miles. God is good!

This “good bye house” day wasn’t quite as sad and emotional as the one I did back at the yellow house in June. I know I’ll be coming back to my white house in Glen Ellyn; both to visit and to live. My ride to the airport arrived early, so I didn’t have time to walk around and take snapshots of my rooms. I did however have time to say goodbye to Sadie & Tigger. It is HARD to leave pets. I hope they’ll be OK. My neighbor will be feeding /checking on them until Mike flies back on Thursday.

And so, I’ve begun the next chapter. This one focuses on my daughter and learning how to live day by day with my priority being others. I have chosen my “one word” for 2011. More on that next time. ..

Now I need to go get ready. Dinner with friends at TIDES Tavern!! It's good to be "home".

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