Monday, June 14, 2010

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Our third child graduated from high school yesterday! We enjoyed a yummy family brunch around our kitchen table as we went over the plans for the day. Our son got dressed in an “old” t-shirt which we promptly encouraged him to cover with an “old” collared shirt. Next he had on his “new” black pants and his big brother’s “borrowed” dress shoes. Last, he went to put on his “blue” cap and gown. As he took his cap out of the bag, we discovered the tassel was missing.
I looked all over my closet where I had opened his graduation kit a few weeks ago so I could hang up the gown to get the wrinkles out. (Not sure why I bothered, it still needed to be ironed this morning…) Alas, no tassel could be found. Being desperate (and quick on my feet) I grabbed his big sister’s tassel off her senior picture. She’s still in Europe and I thought it was cool that she could be a part of her brother’s graduation by supplying her tassel.
All was well until I watched the class of 2010 throw their hats up in the air in celebration. My child came out of the Tacoma Dome with a tassel that says 2010; someone else is going home with a 2007 tassel. I wonder when they first noticed the year and what they thought… I hope my daughter will think its funny and not care that her memento is gone for good.
Note to self when my #4 child graduates in two years: check the graduation package carefully (we’re moving to a new state with green as the school color) and DON’T LEAVE THE TICKETS AT HOME ON THE BULLETIN BOARD!

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