Friday, October 6, 2017

5 Favorites

Happy Friday, and Happy October! I've been taking my walks downtown this week, to experience the beauty of my Harbor town and to see all the faces of the people I live near.

It's always a challenge with Sydney, the dog who wants to pick a fight with EVERY other dog. Refer to the children's book, The Grouchy Ladybug. I know she's just trying to "protect" her Mama...

Last weekend Mike and I popped over to our high school to attend a disaster preparedness event and get some information on how to be "ready" for an earthquake, or other natural disasters.  It's ironic that only a week ago our nation was focused on all the horrific Hurricanes, and now our country realizes that sometimes disasters are man-made...

Besides walking downtown in the sunshine on a crisp Fall day, and waiting for one of my daughters to drive over for the weekend, here are some of my other "favorite things."

1. I love this Yoplait commercial! Let's just stop judging each other! (This campaign is so good! I'll share other commercials later...) "Mom on!"

2. I'm on a Mom theme today. Check out this Hebrew National Hotdog commercial. I was that Mom of 4 driving my kids to all their activities. Four minutes for dinner? Sounds about right...

3. This worship song by Plumb, called God Help Me.  No explanation necessary.

4. I have been on a Hallmark Channel kick. When my husband travels for work (way too often!) I hunker down to watch taped movies, Chesapeake Shores, or the Home and Family show. Check out the Home and Family website for ideas for crafts, recipes, homemade beauty treatments, interviews, and fashion. In case you wondered, the Countdown to Christmas movies begin in 21 days!

5. Perhaps it's because we live in a rainy area where the weather changes quickly, but we do have some of the BEST rainbows here in the Pacific Northwest. I love this visual reminder of God's faithfulness.

 Enjoy your weekend, pray for Las Vegas and our Country, and spread joy!

In His Grip,
xo Jane

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