Thursday, July 20, 2017

The Journey So Far: My Whole 30 Adventure

"How blessed is the man whose strength is in You, In whose heart are the highways to Zion!"
Psalm 84:5

One week down, three to go... Hi Friends and family! In my last post, I might have vented mentioned that I am doing the Whole 30 Diet. I sort of jumped on the train with my husband and youngest daughter without asking "where are we going?"

So...except for the first day when I may or may not have had wine while in Portland (no, I did NOT start over like the rules say,) I have been following the program. I am NOT doing this by myself or by my own strength. I have amazing friends who are encouraging me, holding me accountable and giving me menu suggestions. My husband and daughter are good teammates. I also have received help from God when I'm feeling weak.

"People need more than Bread for their life; they must feed on every word of God."
Matthew 4:4
(Jesus was tempted for 40 days in the wilderness.)

Here are some reflections after eight days:

  • I had some really unhealthy eating and drinking habits. (I'll write more about that later.)
  • Just like a computer occasionally needs to be restarted, my body needed a re-set.
  • I adjusted to black coffee!! 
  • Day 5 was UGLY. My husband and I were CRANKY!
  • Sugar is in SO MANY THINGS! It is scary to find out how many food items have sugar added. No wonder I've been an "addict." 
  • Little things are exciting; when I realized my mouthwash was Alcohol free.
  • Sweet Potatoes are my new best friend.
  • I am surprised that I really don't have cravings for desserts! 
Here are some tips:
  • Have plans/things to look forward to or reward yourself with that DON'T include food. I got some new flowers to plant in the front yard. Perhaps in the next week or two I can book a massage! 
Melanie Bolen wrote a good article that includes ways to reward yourself that don't include food.

  • Use a fun water bottle. I got a new cap for my Hydro Flask and it makes me happy. I take it everywhere.
  • An easy way to give up cream in your coffee is just pour some expired half and half in your cup and watch it curdle-that will help "turn you off."
  • Shop at Walmart a couple days before you start and watch lots of overweight, unhealthy people fill their shopping carts with fattening snacks and processed foods. (Sorry if that sounds judgmental, but it was true...)
  • If you discover something you thought was compliant isn't on the "can have" list, don't quit. Just don't eat it again!
  • Tell your girlfriends what you're doing so they'll support you! My sweet friends have cheered me on at two gatherings this week. We all like to hear "good job!" It was a tad sad to watch delicious wine being enjoyed and not being able to partake, BUT... I learned I can still have a very fun time SOBER. (I also learned I'm just as random and spacey as I am when I'm tipsy.)
  • If you hear that someone is doing the program, tell them they look slimmer and more healthy-whether it's true or not! Those words were balm to my soul.

Even though I'm on a "train" I never intended to board~I plan to finish this journey!

In His Grip, 

photo sources: National Railway Museum, wikiHow

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