Friday, March 24, 2017

Five Favorites for Friday

Happy Friday! Here are five of my current favorites for you to take a peek at over the weekend. Enjoy!

1. Commercial: 
This Snickers Recovery Room ad makes me laugh every time! Yep, Snickers ALWAYS satisfies and if you're hungry you might be distracted.
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2. Book Series: The Mitford Series by Jan Karon.
In the late 1990's, my Mom sent me the first book in the Mitford series. The author, Jan Karon, has written 13 books in the series, plus many spin-off books including a cookbook and a children's book.

The characters are so likeable, and the town is small and quirky, a bit like Stars Hollow in the "Gilmore Girls." You will adore Father Tim, the Episcopal Priest. I appreciate the way the author weaves faith throughout all the story lines. Last month I discovered that she'd written two new stories that I hadn't read! I quickly ordered  Somewhere Safe With Somebody Good and Come Rain or Come Shine. They did not disappoint. I hope Jan  will continue the adventures! I think the sign of a good series is that you want to start it all over again...

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3. Favorite Victorian-age activity I wish we did now:
Last week I mentioned binging on the Masterpiece Theater series "Victoria." I loved the way they'd have formal dances on Saturday evenings. I love the idea of a dance card; letting the attendees know the order of the dances such as the "Grand March" and the "Waltz" and helping them keep track of who they'd promised to dance with. Check out some of the etiquette and customs on this "Victorian Pride" article. 

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4. Find at Home Goods:
I love the Hello Spring new kitchen towel I spotted while at Home Goods. I think it has an Anthropologie look to it at half the price.

5. Favorite weekend outing for girlfriends:
Yay! This Saturday my bible study group is heading up to Woodenville in a Limo to go wine tasting together. Friends, wine, nibbles, beautiful grounds, safe driver...sounds perfect! I'll have to do a recap of our fun later. We're going to start at Chateau Ste-Michelle where I've been to some wonderful summer concerts.

That's it for now! I'm off to help a friend get ready to sell her house, then work. Hoping my cough goes away so it won't hinder my fun get-away tomorrow. Of course there are lots of basketball games to watch. I'm cheering for the Dawgs: Gonzaga and Butler!

My "dance card" is full this weekend, is yours?

Grateful for Grace and In His Grip, 
xo Jane


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