Tuesday, May 31, 2016

What I Learned in May~2016

Here's a  look back at what I learned in May, besides the fact that my Loft sneakers totally match the furniture at the Davenport Tower Hotel in Spokane, Washington...

1. That tummy roll of mine that seems to have inflated the last several years has an official name: Meno Middle.

Anyone else out there in their 50's who is wondering what that roll is that won't seem to go away?Yep, another lovely side-effect of growing older. 

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2. Preschool Art Tip:

When I substitute taught Preschool this month I learned that if you add a tiny bit of dish soap to paint (especially red paint) it will wash off hands, tables and clothes more easily. This tip was shared by a wonderful veteran teacher, Mrs. Rohn, who will be retiring next week. She looked at the mess I was cleaning up after our fun Ladybug project and realized she'd forgotten to add the soap...I'm amazed I escaped without getting ANY paint on my clothes! I forgot to snap a photo, but the project was a lot like this:

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3. Siri can be a nutritional coach:

I've talked about my love of Pao's donuts before. They are the BEST! One afternoon I was almost ready to pull through the drive-through for a snack, but decided to ask Siri how many calories were in a chocolate frosted cake donut. When I received the answer (370 calories!!) I was able to gain enough self-control to just drive straight home. I obviously need to talk to Siri more often so I can lose the "meno middle," (See above.) Update: after my doctor visit this morning (I've been sick in bed for over a week) I said to heck with Siri, Meno middle and calories and got myself a donut on the drive home. #sorrynotsorry

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4. One of my issues has a name in the dictionary:

Do you sometimes have trouble making plans, choosing paint colors, or ordering at restaurants? If you do, you might have Decidophobia!

(Decidophobia is, according to Princeton University philosopher Walter Kaufmann, a fear of making decisions. He coined the term in his 1973 book Without Guilt and Justice in which he writes about the phenomenon at length.) Wikipedia Dictionary

5. My budget won't allow me to dress like Reese Witherspoon:

Have you heard of the new line called Draper James? I consider myself someone with grace and charm, but obviously I don't have the right clothing budget or paycheck to order anything from her new Nashville store. Even her sale items are out of my reach! Sorta, kinda, fun to look and see what I would order if I could...

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6. Nashville is coming to an end:

The series "Nashville" came to an end this month. I did NOT like how it ended, but apparently the writers wanted to leave us hanging in case another network picks up the show. You can read about that here

My daughter who lives in Nashville is also ending her adventure. She moved there two years ago without a job and made quite a fun life for herself. She made SO many dear friends, loved her first grade teaching job, was very active in her neighborhood church, and enjoyed ALL that Nashville has to offer! 

She felt God calling her back to the Pacific Northwest so she's obeying. She'll be helping to plant a new church in Spokane, and hopefully she will quickly find just the elementary school that needs her experience and heart. She'll be in the same town as her younger brother, sister and sister-in-law; let the shenanigans begin! Stay tuned for updates~the sisters will be doing a cross-country-camping road trip to move her back!

When she arrived back in 2014 after our cross-country road trip

7. I have very compassionate family, friends, co-workers and employers:

I have been a bit like the character in The Grouchy Ladybug for the last week, while I've battled this cold/infection. I haven't had the energy to do ANYTHING. My husband has waited on me "hand and foot," my sweet friends have sent me texts and brought by flowers, and my work associates have been totally understanding when I've called into work sick. I am thankful! 

8. The world thinks I have four independent adult children:

Our baby girl graduated from college, signed a year lease on a charming wouldn't pass code apartment, and is interviewing for jobs. For 30 years we've given our four love and roots and wings and $ and now they are all living life under their own roofs, not ours. They are independent adults, but they're still my babies!

"I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always.
As long as I'm living, 
My baby you'll be."
Robert Munsch

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What did you learn in May?

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  1. I totally have decidophobia - love that it's a thing! And the preschool paint tip is great :) Hope your daughter's move goes smoothly and Nashville is on my list of places I want to go - but so is Washington state - so good taste either way!