Friday, May 27, 2016

5 Favorites on Friday

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Happy Friday Friends!

Here is my list of favorites for the week:

1. Have you seen the Happy Chewbacca on You Tube? Oh the joy of simple pleasures! She's adorable! We all need to learn how to be entertained by silly things and laugh at ourselves...

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2. I really like these shirts : I'm excited that I stumbled upon a sale this weekend for a cute baseball-style t-shirt. They are all cute but I chose the green yoga pants one. The blog, The Handmade Home is always good!
3. This fun coloring book by one of my favorite bloggers is available on Amazon for pre-sale. If I was going to purchase myself an adult coloring book, this would be the one... It's on my wish list!

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4. My favorite spot to hang out in Spokane is the Davenport Tower Lobby. It's so fun to sit in front of the fireplace sipping a Starbucks or a cocktail. My dreamy "home" away from home. Added sneakers match the Jungle decor!

5. My Tuesday morning bible study life group is the BEST! I love the women who have become like family; we are sisters in Christ! It's been such a great year of study, prayer, laughter, challenging each other, and friendship. 

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Besides the favorites mentioned above, my favorite MOMENT  last week was watching my baby girl graduate from Whitworth University. She went through a lot to finish her degree and she persevered and did it! We also had a blast eating pizza, toasting with Champagne, and playing board games afterwards at her very own apartment. 

Mike and I are so thankful God provided a way for all four of our children to receive an education from a wonderful Christian University. Three teachers and one soon-to-be counselor making an impact in the World!

Do you have any fun plans for your 3-day Memorial Weekend? Since I'm a born and raised Hoosier, I'll have to tune into the Indianapolis 500 mile race on Sunday. If I feel better, I'm headed to a Mops end-of-year celebration tonight. I am excited to have my youngest coming home tomorrow for a short visit and possibly bringing her kitty (Mimosa, the Grandkitty I haven't met yet.)

(If you hear barking and toenails scraping wood floors coming from Carver Cottage, you'll know Sydney isn't adjusting well to the furry visitor.) Fingers crossed...

Don't forget to honor and remember all our service men and women who have lost their lives to protect our freedom! GOD Bless America!

What are your favorite things lately?

In His Grip,

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