Monday, May 2, 2016

What I Learned in April (2016)

I love the pink Flamingos that I saw on my walk one day.

Hello friends and Happy May! I didn't have time to write and post a blog on the last weekday of April, because I was in a packed car heading to our church's Women's Retreat. I'm linking up to Emily P. Freeman's Chatting at the Sky and here's a quick re-cap of what I learned last month:
1. Women's Retreats require more preparation and "stuff" than Men's Retreats.
This probably doesn't surprise most of you, especially if you've ever been on a retreat team. My hubby organizes our Men's retreats and he was astonished by the phone calls, emails, crafts, shopping, packing, etc. Women show love this way... In the midst of all the Martha-type busyness, I reminded myself to focus on why we were retreating; to be in God's presence and to be present to others...
"There is really only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it-I won't take it away from her!" Luke 10:42

2. Having your own spot can make a huge difference.
I can't explain it. I have a large farm table I used to spread out on to work, do computer work, write or do bible study. But I still wanted my own spot/desk. There it was! At Homegoods one morning I saw it! Small, sleek, the perfect size to put behind our sectional! I was thankful it was still there the next day when I returned after asking my hubby and measuring. I am so happy to have a little place that allows me to stay organized AND watch TV or look out at our glorious view. Do you have a desk?

3. I possibly chose the wrong major.
When I taught preschool and kindergarten, decorating the classroom was one of my favorite things, so I shouldn't be surprised that I dream about being the CEO of Land of Nod. Everything about the store brings me joy. When I get their email ads and catalogs I relish every page.  I love ALL things for little one's rooms even though I don't have any young children or grandchildren! (That's one of the reasons I love working at the baby boutique, Charlie Barnes!) I wish I'd gotten my degree in interior design! Have you seen the new bedding that is based on the Little Golden Books?! Combining vintage and books and design?! Adorable!  I found the pillow above at Target and am using it in my guest room.
(If I had been a boy my parents were going to name me Peter...)

In my search for photos, I found a REAL land of NOD on a bible map!

4. Notes of encouragement matter.
When my hubby left for a week-long business trip last month I discovered little notes around the house. What a blessing! I believe everyone would benefit from surprise notes or sweet cards.
"Pleasant words are like honey...sweet to the soul and healthy to the body." Proverbs 16:24

5. Voting matters. Research matters. So does praying...
So...this is happening around my state of Washington. Lots of places are opening that sell weed. Back in 2012 my state passed the Washington Initiative 502 that legalized Cannabis/Marijuana. I remember hearing from a police officer-friend that they could focus on more pressing issues if they didn't have to spend so much of their time making Marijuana arrests so I voted for not against. (Insert sad, embarrassed face. Please don't hate me.) If only I'd done more research. If only I'd prayed about it!
"Seeking God's will first brings perspective." Proverbs 3:6
As the National Presidential election draws nearer, I ask that you don't despair but research, pray for America and it's future leader and vote. This Thursday is not only Cinco de' Mayo, but it's The National Day of Prayer. Look for a gathering that you could attend (On Thursday, May 5 at Peninsula Baptist Church at 7:00pm, our entire community will gather in a concert of prayer.) or pray on your own (and then go sip a yummy Margarita, if that's how you roll...)

What did you learn in April?

In His Grip,  jane

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