Monday, February 29, 2016

Leaping Through February

Happy Leap Year Day! 
How are you going to spend your extra day? Mine will be pretty ordinary; taking my dog Sydney for a walk, and working at the baby boutique. I do hope to do something nice and unexpected for someone. I'll be looking out for an opportunity...

Here are six things I learned this month:
1. Compassion wins.  I wrote about my beloved cat Tigger passing away a few weeks ago. The last week of his life my husband (who always just put up with him,) allowed me to bring the litter box up from the garage and put it in our bathroom since he was hunkered in our closet...  On his last morning of life I gave my kitty milk. Wouldn't you?

2. The YMCA is for everybody. After years of saying I'd get in shape, I finally am making an effort. I've now been a semi-regular for a month. I've tried the treadmill, recumbent bike, Eliptical, weight machine circuit, Zumba class, and Mixed Fit. My muscles are in shock and I am sore. I see people of all ages and no one has laughed out loud at me. Women in my dance classes have been encouraging even though it's going to take a few more weeks before I can learn all the steps. (I used to be on a dance & drill team and a Jazzercise fanatic but that was a LONG time ago!) Here's my personal tip for the machine TV's: I watch either "HGTV" or the "Food Channel" so I have to exercise at least 30 minutes. Why?...because I have to see how the remodeled homes turn out or how to make an entire meal!...

“Tune me in to foot-tapping songs, set these once-broken bones to dancing. Don’t look too close for blemishes, give me a clean bill of health. God, make a fresh start in me, shape a Genesis week from the chaos of my life.” 
Psalm 51:8-10 The Message
Photo source:PFAStudent - I took this picture., CC BY-SA 3.0,

3. Once a teacher, always a teacher... I've missed the classroom. I was lucky to be asked to fill in at our church preschool as a substitute teacher this month. Years ago I was on the staff, and I've also taught Kindergarten and First Grade. It's been several years since I've been "Mrs. Carver" or "Teacher Jane."  I had so much fun! Kind of like riding a bike, it all came back quickly; I remembered most of the songs, the schedule seemed familiar, and the kids were adorable. God has been reigniting my desire to teach part-time, so hopefully they'll be a spot for me in the future.

4. Teaching Kindergarten can be good training for the Retail business. The whole multi-tasking thing, one teacher outnumbered by lots of little needy people, and unpredictable circumstances have been good training for me for busy days. If you've ever worked in retail, you know that some days can be slow and some can be high-sales and hectic. I was concentrating on several projects one day (pricing new inventory, reorganizing, making package bows) when suddenly everyone in our town came shopping! There was only "little old me" trying to assist and ring up and wrap... As the story goes, "Some days are like that," even in Australia Charlie Barnes.

5. Some names are popular for years! My Grandma was ahead of her time when she named my Mom Barbara back in 1926. Yep, my Mom is a feisty 89 year old and my dear Grandma Grace has been in Heaven since I was in college. I wonder why she chose Barbara? Did she know that the name Barbara would become one of the three most popular girl's names two years later (in 1928) and would continue to be in the top three until 1945?! (The other two were Mary and Betty.)  In 2016 the three most popular girl names are Emma, Olivia and Sophia. Apparently Jane was only rated #66 the year I was born...

6. Hail Happens when cars aren't parked in the garage. Suddenly it was hailing last night while we were watching the "Golden Globes. "The only movie I'd seen that was up for anything was "Star Wars." 
We were concerned about the Toyota Camry our oldest is buying from us that was parked by the side of our house. Hoping it wasn't damaged! We had memories of having to claim total damage to two cars back in the 1980's in Indiana after a HUGE hail storm. I haven't actually gone downstairs to inspect any damage, but all seems well looking out the window. 

That's about it for the month of February. I have a few more stories, but I'll have to share them on another day. I'm linking up with Emily P. Freeman of Chatting at the Sky

What things did you learn in the month of February? 

In His Grip, 

(The photo of the yummy cookies at the top was taken at Madeleine's Cafe in Spokane, WA.)

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