Sunday, November 1, 2015

What I Learned in October

I'm looking back on the month of October, and here are five things I learned: 

1. Shoes do matter sometimes.
In an attempt to save money, I decided to wear the same sling-back shoes I wore to my oldest son's wedding five years ago, to my younger son's wedding that occurred the first weekend of October. My decision seemed fine until the rehearsal. I realized I'd be walking down a grass aisle and my "kitten" heels would sink in... The only store near our hotel was Nordstrom, but I dashed in to see if they had anything affordable. NOT! The salesperson suggested heel protectors. (They do not work. They do not stay on. Do NOT buy them!) I survived the sinking and my shoes did not spoil the day. I do remember throwing my shoes to the side during the mother-son dance... I can't wait to see those pictures!

2. Do not assume that your cell phone app is giving good directions.
When my two sisters were in town for my son's wedding we did a day trip up to Seattle. We had a fun time on Bainbridge Island, a ferry ride to the city, shopping, lunch and a walk in the sunshine. All was perfect until it was time to drive home. As my sister looked at her phone and read off which way to turn, I realized something was amiss. We were headed straight toward water, not the highway. No, we did NOT want another ferry ride which would add two extra hours to our trip home... Thankfully we figured it out but I have learned to double-check Mapquest's "steps." I hope the next car I purchase will have a built-in GPS system!

3. "Call the Midwife" makes me want to be a more helpful person.
Do not EVEN get me started on how much I love the PBS series "Call the Midwife" that I binge-watched on Netflix! I love the characters, the voice of the narrator, the health topics, the early 1950's timeframe, the way the nurses and nuns helped their poor community in London, the clothes, and then of course there were always babies... Have you watched it? It can be a bit graphic at times, but it is SO good! The focus was always on caring for others and I want to be more intentional about helping those around me. Perhaps I'll even ride my bike next summer!

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4. All major moments contain love, tears and Jesus.
My son got married on October 3rd on a beautiful sunny fall day in Spokane. Oh what a day of joy our family shared!  I'm a bit bias, but the day was perfect and I can't remember being that happy! We laughed, we cried, we danced, we prayed, we toasted, we ate, and we knew Jesus was with us.

Another major moment happened last week. One of my dear friends from my couples small group suddenly passed away unexpectedly as she recovered from surgery. It has been a week of sorrow as it sinks in that I'll never see my friend Malinda again until I join her someday in Heaven.  Her Memorial on Friday was full of love, lots of tears, and was such a testimony of a life well lived. If people didn't know Jesus before that day, surely they do now. 

5. Friends are a precious gift and sometimes words aren't necessary. 
Malinda's passing has reminded me not to take time with friends for granted.  I've been spending lots of time with friends and I hope I've told them all how much I love them. Sometimes we've just sat by each other and words weren't spoken. That's OK. It's just being together that matters.
Even two year olds know that...

Sweet little BFF's at Charlie Barnes.

What did you learn in October?
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  1. As I read your posts Jane you are not the only one learning. I catch lessons that you throw out there and I'm grateful for the good influence. Thanks for your vulnerability.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Carla. We're all a "work in progress..."

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