Thursday, October 15, 2015

Someone is Turning Five!

Today is the birthday of our rescue dog Sydney! We adopted her three years ago right after she turned two years old. As a former Kindergarten teacher, I have a soft spot for five year olds. 

The celebration is pretty low-key. Party attendants; birthday girl, Tigger and me. I attempted to pose her for a photo like I saw on Pinterest, but the execution was a failure... 

She received a new collar, yummy bone and stuffed toy squirrel.

Sydney has taught me a lot...
  • Get out there and walk every day even if the weather is cruddy.

  • Stay close to your loved ones.
  • Only bark when necessary.
  • Enjoy quiet time in front of the fireplace, no matter what the season.

  • Protect your “people” from strangers.
  • Chase after your passion. (In Sydney’s case, that’s squirrels.)
  • Forgive.
  • Share if possible.

  • Be grateful for freedom. (She runs like a crazy girl when off her leash.)

  • Wait in expectation.

  • Most unconditionally.

Thank you Sydney for being great company since all my human children aren't here and the nest gets lonely when your pet-daddy travels for work.

Cheers to a wonderful dog even if we can't take her to 7 Seas anymore since she doesn't get along well with other doggies. We love you Sydney Lou Carver! Happy 5th Birthday!

In His Grip, 

Sydney would like to take this opportunity to thank her favorite human friends who stop by to let her out or take care of her when we're out of town. Thanks Maddie, Debbie, Sue and Theresa!

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