Saturday, January 31, 2015

What I Learned in January

January has come to an end! Here are some things I learned in the last 31 days:

1. The Superbowl brings us together. It is less than 24 hours until our Seahawks play in the Superbowl for the 2nd year in a row. Everywhere around town I see blue and green and 12's, flags on cars, signs, and jerseys. Despite differing views on politics, faith, careers, parenting etc. our team has brought us together as a community who is united. Strangers talk to each other and conversations end with "go hawks!" People seem friendlier...We have spirit in the Seattle area and it is contagious! Wouldn't it be wonderful if all the believers could be as "fired up" for Jesus and always end our conversations with Go God or God Bless!!?...

2. The Roasted chicken in front is fine. Tip: Do NOT try to reach over the front chicken under the lights thinking it will be fresher. (You know, like you reach to the back for the freshest milk carton?)
Those warmer lights are HOT and my right ring finger burn can prove it! (This was last week's Seahawk's manicure.)

3. When your team is in the Superbowl you are tempted to spend money and do daring things. Jersey? Check-given to me a couple years ago by my sweet hubby. Necklace? Check-a gift. Handmade yarn scarf? Check-bought from a friend at church. Headband? Check-I made it at work. Boot toppers? Check-found last year at a cute local boutique. Hat? YESsss! When we found out we were going to be in the Superbowl again, I splurged. Nails? Yep. Garden Flag? Check-ordered last season. (I gave my Colts flag and dog scarf to my sister in Indiana.) Pet scarves? Check. Clearance t-shirt from last year's Superbowl? Check-I purchased it last night. Perhaps I need to stop?!

 My friend convicted me. My savvy friend who leads our Dave Ramsey classes reminded me to stay in my budget. Do you have a good friend who reigns you in? Instead of WWJD, I will now ask myself WWDD~what would D___ do.

There is a pet toy I saw today that I wasn't even tempted to buy. There is no need in our home for the tennis ball on a Hawks tug rope. Our dog Sydney doesn't ever chase balls. Think of the money I saved! Enough to buy outdoor green and blue lights???

Thursday at MOPS I even had a blue and green hi-light painted in my hair. That is a first. Oh, I always get hi-lights, they're just usually blond! Pretty daring for a 50-something "girl" huh?

4. Despite the acquisition of all things Seahawkish,  I am really trying hard to learn to stop focusing on things and to be content. I am reading a really good book (pictured below) and I recommend it. The author's descriptions resonate with me. Ruth writes from a Christian perspective and backs up her ideas with scripture. I am blessed...

I am simultaneously reading a book called "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying up" by Marie Kondo. This is not a Christian book (sort of Japanese/Feng Shui) but is helpful. One of her tips is to actually hold every item as I clean and purge and ask myself this question:"Does this spark joy?" I will be thinking much more carefully before I spend money and/or bring anything else into our home.

5. Sometimes You Tube videos mirror life. Sort of.  I found a fitting video today since I actually was at Michael's buying supplies to make Valentine's crafts that I saw on Pinterest.  Enjoy this You Tube video! I need to get busy and start cutting and knitting!

6. The M and M bag of candy divides perfectly. I sorted the bag into three groups: blue and green for the party tomorrow (Go Hawks!), brown and orange for my Bronco-loving daughter in law, and then I noticed the leftovers were red and yellow, my college sorority colors! Cardinal and Straw!
Chi Omega colors! Hoot hoot!

The month of January taught me even more lessons, but I think my list is long enough for now. I'm linking up with Emily P. Freeman at "Chatting at the Sky." She is a great author and you will enjoy her blog! As always, thank you friends, for reading See Jane Learn and fingers are crossed for another Seahawk victory!!

In His Grip,



  1. What a fun list!!! I am still a little shocked and saddened by last nights' game but my oh my how we love our Hawks! (I'm watching their return to SeaTac live right now!)

  2. We were SO sad and shocked! Loved Russell's positive attitude though. Can't wait until next season. Go Hawks!