Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dealing With Some Changes

Our family’s picture might be in a Webster Dictionary beside the description of change


 verb \ˈchānj\
: to become different
: to make (someone or something) different
: to become something else

All seven of our family members (plus the pets) are going through some type of change...  
Here's what the Carver family has been up to:

We moved! We are settling into our new home in downtown Gig Harbor. The location is amazing; close to shops, restaurants, church, the highway. I can even walk to my job! 

It is really different than living 25 minutes out on the tip of an Island. We are so grateful that God lead us to “Cloud Nine.” (More on the name of our place in a future post...) We still can’t park our cars in the garage yet, but most of the house has been unpacked. 

Our oldest son and his wife left Chicago in July, and are back from their “funemployment” vacation overseas. They are temporarily living in Fort Collins, Colorado until they move to L.A. in the fall and they’re actively looking for jobs...

Our Nashville daughter just found a first grade teaching position that starts mid-October. This former first grade teacher Mama is thrilled for her! She’ll be great and her class will be blessed.

Our just-graduated “Man-Cub” is on the journey of deciding whether to find a career-type job or apply for grad school. In the meantime, hopefully he’ll find something to pay for his rent and groceries!

After a year back home completing her Associate Degree at our local community college, baby girl moved back to Whitworth University. She loves her new off-campus house and roomies, and just began a practicum in a local high school art class for her teaching degree. She also loves getting to hang out with her big brother!

Sydney is trying to figure out where her neighbor dog friends are and why her Mama hasn’t been taking her on daily walks lately. (My excuse is unpacking and kids visiting. And yesterday the rain returned...) She seems to be adjusting to her new fenced-in backyard and is recovering from an allergic reaction to cheap, generic flea meds.

Tigger has adjusted well for a 14 year old kitty. He’s hanging in the garage, venturing out occasionally to wander around the yard, and even spending time with us on the couch or on Sydney’s bed.

Change. Sometimes it’s scary. Sometimes it is our choice and sometimes it is thrust upon us. Thankfully this "I like things to stay the same girl" is learning that often change is for the best and that God goes before us and is for us!

Change. It's a verb. Things are happening... I am changing... Our empty-nester marriage is evolving...Our kid's lives are becoming something else... It's new and exciting!

"See, I am doing a new thing!
    Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
    and streams in the wasteland."
Isaiah 43:19

In His Grip, 
Jane          Thank you for stopping by See Jane Learn!

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