Monday, April 14, 2014

Messages Matter

Simple words, strung together. When I taught Kindergarten and First Grade, I remember the joy I felt when my little students could write and comprehend a simple sentence. Because we are all so inundated with words; emails, texts, billboards, and junk mail, perhaps we sometimes ignore messages or disregard their importance. 

Recently I was cleaning out our refrigerator and I decided to make sure all our food was fresh. Imagine my surprise when I read the small print on the back of the mustard bottle. The expiration date was four and a half years ago!! Thankfully we were using the Dijon mustard.

Our family has received quite a variety of messages this month:

On our front door, another notice from the bank to our landlord was hung. That important information seems to be slightly ignored but we're still here on Carver Corner.

There is a crack-down against distracted driving in our Harbor Town that our daughter apparently didn’t think applied to her. She forgot safety rules and ignored the flashing warning...


Yep, she did the VERY BAD, very unsafe, texting and driving and has a traffic ticket to prove it.

After church we noticed a note stuck under our windshield wiper. Thank goodness we read it!

No, we actually hadn't noticed! Wasn’t that a thoughtful thing to do? Our tab was still stapled to the updated registration form in the glove box. We dodged a ticket due to this helpful message left anonymously. Thank you whoever you are!

This card came in the mail for me. It was my "consolation prize." Due to the encouragement of a prayer buddy, I entered a contest of Christian Bloggers at (In)courage. I didn’t expect to be one of the nine new writers chosen, but of course I had dreamed of contributing. The card was a kind way to be notified that even though I wasn’t picked I should keep on writing.

I hope my little See Jane Learn blog gives encouragement to faithful readers or anyone that stumbles upon it. I want my "ministry of words" to matter. That is the goal; to encourage others in their faith and share the lessons I’m learning as I navigate this current empty-nester phase of life.

Messages and writing have always been a part of our family. Since the kids could write their ABC’s. My Nashville girl sends me frequent texts and emails keeping me posted on what is happening in her life or thanking me for care packages I mail her. She also brings joy to her Grandma by sending her letters. My youngest daughter (yep, the ticket girl) writes amazing notes to her friends telling them how much they mean to her. The other day she hand-painted Easter cards for them.

My sons are writers too. The oldest, who teaches English in Chicago, has written stories since his fourth grade teacher encouraged him. He's also really great about leaving little post-it notes on the counter. When he's not commuting or battling yet another snowstorm, he writes. His wife (my sweet daughter-in-law) is focused on writing comedy. One of her class plays was performed at Second City in Chicago! My younger son is getting ready to graduate from Whitworth, so he's busy writing papers. My sweet boy occasionally sends this Mama emails.  My hubby is fabulous at writing letters, he’s written a book and has a blog. I believe he modeled the importance of words to all our kids.

Words and messages matter. They can inform, warn, and encourage. They can bring hope.

The most important message ever spoken or written will be celebrated all over the world this coming Sunday and there's no expiration date.


God's word is his great big message to all of us. Join me in sharing the Good News of what Jesus did for us on the cross. 

The Easter message matters!

In His Grip, 
xo Jane

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