Monday, February 3, 2014

What I learned in January

Seahawks dominated the 48th Superbowl and we are the champions!

I'm linking up with Emily Freeman from Chatting at the Sky. Here are some things I learned in January:

Skittles are definitely the newest candy craze in our town but I haven't located a pack at the store yet.

Occasionally the bell to alert us that someone has entered the store doesn't work.  A few weeks ago I was talking to my boss about a hardship a friend of mine was going through.  I practically yelled “it’s not fair!” and rounded the corner into the storefront with my mop. Suddenly I realized... we had a customer. It was embarrassing to say the least. I hope I didn’t scare her away and I'm thankful my boss was understanding. 

The Pantene "color of the year"is orchid.  Purple has been a personal favorite of mine for quite a while. (Apparently pink and purple were recorded as my favorites when I was six.) I have quite a few sweaters, tops and nail polish in different shades of purple and I even wore it at my son's wedding. Orchid is sort of in-between pink and purple. I might have started the trend.

The reason I sometimes wake up is me. My husband tried to tell me. As I traveled across the country with my daughter and we shared hotel rooms it was brought to my attention that apparently it’s true; I snore. Dang it!! I do NOT want to be that person. Can I blame menopause? (If you’ve ever roomed with me at a Women’s retreat, I am sorry. If you’re dreading the possibility I apologize in advance and I promise I’ll bring along packages of ear plugs. You also have permission to nudge me or yell at me...) 

No one likes red lights. Friday night a brand new Mama was describing a car ride with her newborn baby boy. All was copacetic until they would get stopped by a red light. Babies and adults like to keep moving. Sometimes our plans and comfort get interrupted~by traffic, others, even God. My #2 child certainly taught me that stopping for a while until she got the green light from God to move to Nashville was the best choice. His timing is always best.

Road trips are so much better with great company and the Audible app. Many of you already know I drove across the country with my sweet 25 year old daughter. As we enjoyed the beauty of our country, we were listening to The Light Between Oceans. The book was great and the time spent with my girlie will never be forgotten.

People in Seattle love more than coffee.  All over Puget Sound there are green and blue balloons, flags, #12 signs,  and people wearing Seahawks team apparel. Friends and strangers have been ending their conversations or written messages with "Go Hawks!" 

The Seahawks just won the 48th Superbowl with a 2nd year, 25 yr. old quarterback, an amazing defense and teamwork. Some thought Russell Wilson was too small to be a successful quarterback, yet this young man who isn't afraid to share his faith in God, brought our town its first Superbowl victory. The players felt supported by the love and encouragement from their 12th man fans. The excitement has been contagious.  

What if Christians were as excited about Jesus as we are about the Superbowl?

What did you learn in January? 

In His Grip, Jane 

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  1. Thanks for sharing. I think you've got a great perspective on the world.