Friday, March 29, 2013

Then and Now

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8

Have you ever thought back to things about your childhood that are still true today? Times change, and technology changes, but despite the increased number of birthday candles on our cakes we’re still that little girl who God treasures. He created us and he knows the desires of our hearts. God patiently allows us to grow up in our faith and learn how to use our passions and gifts.

I've grown up a lot since I was in Kindergarten and first grade. That’s probably a good thing, since it was 48 years ago! Really?... I’m that old?! I don’t feel old and I certainly don’t usually act old. My oldest sister is having a milestone birthday today; the big 6-0. Now that’s old! (Love you Ann, Happy Birthday!)

Here are some facts about me that haven’t changed much in 40+ years...

·         Then: I was easily embarrassed- I vividly remember trying to hide my head in my desk when I was scolded by my 1st grade teacher.
Now: When I screw up or am aware of mistakes I want to hide.
·         Then: In kindergarten I was on the teeter/totter and my “partner” on the other end wouldn’t let me down…I was SO scared! I also got trapped climbing a tree once and had to be rescued.
Now: I am SO afraid of heights and falling! No roller coasters or gondolas for me!
·         Then: I always tried to be a good girl and please my teachers. (If I didn’t, the word would get back to my Mom!)
Now: Still a recovering people-pleaser, but am now trying to remember my goal is to please God.
·         Then: I had an accident in 1st grade requiring my Mom to deliver fresh panties, a change of clothes and a hug.
Now: Occasionally wish I was wearing Depends.  When I sneeze I usually cross my legs…
·         Then: In my childhood diary it states that pink and purple were my favorite colors.
Now: I still LOVE purple and like pink, but have added Aqua to the list of color favorites.
·         Then: My hair was always cut in a pixie by my neighbor who had a salon in her home.
Now: My hair hasn’t been short since my parents finally said I could grow it out in 4th grade. I still get it styled by a friend in her home-salon.
·         Then: I loved books and imagining. (I learned with the Dick and Jane series of course!)
Now: I get to belong to a book club, read on my Kindle and imagine my dream house and vacation on Pinterest!
·         Then: I enjoyed playtime with friends.
Now: My friends are SO important! I meet friends for meals or girl’s night out, spend time praying and studying God’s word with them, and keep up with far-away friends on Facebook.
·         Then: I always played with dolls.
Now: I was blessed with four children to dress and love. God also knows my love of babies and the excitement of expectant Mommies. Not only do I get to hang out and encourage young mothers as a Mops Mentor at our church, but I get to “work” part-time at Charlie Barnes, a baby & kids boutique. (I can’t call it “work” since I’m having so much fun!)

Then…the disciples of Jesus watched in horror as he died on the cross.
Now…We know the story wasn't over and Easter morning is coming!

Our God never changes. This weekend we are given the opportunity to look back and look forward as we celebrate the gift of life given by the death and resurrection of his son Jesus, if we believe.

To all the other grown-up-little-girls: may you experience the joy of knowing and believing in the living God and have a very Happy Easter with your families.

In His Grip, jane


  1. Jane- I love your writing! So glad we got to chat this weekend- looking forward to reading more :)

    1. Yay! My first comment in forever...You are fast-I've been too busy to read your blog or write or anything since returning. It was great to meet you at retreat and I hope we bump into each other on Sundays.