Thursday, February 21, 2013

It's Good and a Little Bit Bad

My morning and part of last week seemed like one big lesson in opposites. Good and Bad.

As I mentioned in my last post, I spent the three day weekend hunkered in due to a sore throat…that was bad. I used the time to organize all my paper files, my household notebook and my I-Pad/G mail folders...yay, that’s good!

I finally needed to call the doctor this morning after waking up during the night again with a sore throat and ears…I felt bad. I don’t have strep or an ear infection; just clogged Eustachian tubes and an irritated throat virus that four different over-the-counter meds should fix…that’s good?

My when-I’m-not-wearing-my-contacts-glasses got caught on my jammies and flew onto the floor popping out a lens…that’s bad. I was able to click it back in so I might not have to resort to the geek-tape look after all…that’s good.

I lathered up my shampoo twice in the shower and my hair felt really soft…that’s good.  Then I realized I had “washed” it with conditioner, not shampoo due to no contacts/glasses…that’s bad.

I treated myself to a badly needed pedicure (Shamrock Green!) and my toes look pretty…that’s good! My toes are not going to feel any warmth other than the fireplace for the unforeseen future…bad & sad.

My crafty sweet friend made my doggie a “collar-flower” that is adorable…so good! That accessorized doggie went under the deck in the dark and rain and got herself stuck…that was bad! I tugged for over ten minutes trying to untangle her, all the while thinking it would be a long, chilly evening for her until her Daddy arrives later…Sydney, why?!

So today wasn't all good, but I still have MUCH to be glad about! My week in review including lots of food:
Mr.C flew home from the East coast tonight.
Nordstrom fixed my watchband for free!
Found a pair of “skinny” jeans at Plato’s Closet in my price range-$12!
Our church had a Sweetheart dinner to culminate our marriage class and we enjoyed the food, the company and the comedians.

I got to hold a newborn baby at MOPS-ahhh.
Substitute taught in the Pre-K class and got to help make Valentine crafts. 
I have an amazing prayer group who came over for a Valentine’s Day lunch. Love these friends!
On Valentine’s night Mr. C and I stayed home and created a yummy Seafood Fettuccine  that tasted as good as Anthony’s and we opened the sparkling Rose’ we bought up in Vancouver B.C.
I got to have lunch in Seattle on a sunny Friday with my childhood next door neighbor, classmate, and friend while she was in town for a conference.

Friday we had dinner with a couple we've been hoping to hang out with and we had a great talk
There are tulips on my table.
And so it goes. My week; a bit of "bad" and a lot of good. How was yours?        

In His Grip, Jane        

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