Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Desert Can Be An Oasis

It’s mighty brisk and windy up on the corner today. It's typical fall weather for the Northwest yet I'm missing the dry heat I was enjoying seven days ago.

Last week at this time I was relaxing on a lounge chair in the warm sunshine attempting to get a tan on my quite pale skin. I spent five fabulous days at the J.W. Marriott Camelback Inn in Scottsdale, Arizona.. (I was tagging along on my husband's business trip because the room was paid for, my traveling hubby has been adding up the airline miles and Scottsdale is one of my favorite places!)

I was on my own most of the time while hubby had meetings, but I handled it pretty well I think.
Sunshine…yes please. Massage at the spa…thank you very much. Majestic mountains, beautiful flowers and cactus…love them! The desert is an Oasis to me.
I discovered why the pool goes by the name “Jackrabbit”. They’re everywhere!
I sipped my Starbucks on the resort patio while doing my bible study each morning…quite wonderful. 
Besides one cloudy day the only not so pleasant event was having our room flood when gray-matter (aka-sewage) filled up the tub and overflowed…Smelly, and damaging to a couple items on the closet floor including my new sandals. Having the resort upgrade us to a beautiful suite to make up for the problem…made me feel like a pampered movie star. (Excellent customer service!)
The sunsets were glorious. The Desert is God’s country too. 
Did you know that a cactus doesn't start growing an arm until it is about 50-80 years old after reaching a height of 10 feet.
Yep, last week was refreshing (to this Northwest girl) and I am thankful.  I LOVE visiting Arizona, but if we relocated there I wouldn't be home with my dear friends and church family. For now, I have warm memories and I’ll dream of  the next trip to heat and sunshine. (Oh, I do have a daughter who lives in California. I feel the need for a winter road trip!)

I also think it would be FUN to be a travel blogger and I am able and willing…Hello...J.W. Marriott???

Does anyone else out there think the desert can be an oasis?

In His Grip, Jane

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