Saturday, February 4, 2012

All Aboard

     She made the train. Six days a week my daughter-in-law has had to rush to get to the train station that takes her from Glen Ellyn over to Chicago. During the week it's an early 6:20, on Saturdays it's 8:00 for class. This will be her last rushed day however, because she and my son are moving out of our home and into an apartment in Rogers Park, North of the city. It's been special having them stay with us for the last six months, and sad to know we probably won't ever live together again but...the suburbs are no place for a young newlywed Urban couple. They'll have a great time being 3 blocks from the lake and having stores, bars and the Northwestern shuttle service within walking distance. One reason their new rent will be reasonable could be the fact that they are right by the train track. Hopefully they'll learn to sleep through the noise. (Visions of the Blues Brothers scene come to mind...)

     Earlier in the week Mr. Mike had a meeting near the Vernon Hills Mall so I decided to go with him and hang out at Barnes & Noble. I hadn't been at that mall near Libertyville in about 16 years. Back when my now-senior in high school daughter was in a stroller I didn't go to the mall often; something about four rambunctious kids and lack of $ does not make for a fun outing. Alone I leisurely walked the stores, did a bit of Valentine's Day shopping, read and checked out Pinterest at the bookstore cafe', then noticed the little train. Why didn't they have the little train back when my children were little?!

     The conductor called "All Aboard", the excited tots climbed on, and the tired Mommies walked beside the slow-moving train, knowing their kids were safe on their little journey. There wasn't a track. The ride curved back and forth down one empty end of the mall up on the second level.

     All the trains I've seen and heard lately (in town, the ones I hear at night, even the tiny mall train) have me thinking that I too am on a journey that's making twists and turns and is moving forward. My conductor (GOD) wants me to stay on board and let Him be in charge of the direction. I'm probably in for some unforeseen surprises along the way back to Washington State but I need to trust.

"God Guides us along the right path." Psalm 32:8; 37:23-24

     My "word for the year" in 2011 was journey. Apparently it's still my word. This year I've chosen the word JOY. I will choose joy and spread joy despite my circumstances...Are you "all aboard" for what God has in store for you?

In His Grip, Jane 

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