Saturday, September 24, 2011

Very Convinced

I thought it was remarkable. I was pulling in the driveway of my studio and a black cat ran by. Not just any black cat, but my former cat Zoe who was adopted when we moved to Illinois, proceeded to run away, presumed dead and then found and adopted again. (You can get the full story if you go back and re-read my November 11, 2010 post; The Stealth Bomber is Alive!)

I was VERY convinced that somehow Zoe missed me so much she ran away from Grandma Joan and made her way several miles to the house behind my studio apartment. She looked just like Zoe and acted like Zoe. Well…she wasn’t. The homeowner behind me has a “tuxedo” cat (four white paws and a white tummy) but her name is Oreo and she wasn’t my former cat.

Wednesday I was VERY convinced that the double root canal I was suffering through due to my fall was the worst thing I’d ever experienced and I might not survive. I had my I-Pod turned on loud, my eyes tightly shut and they had the “gas” turned on; however I was still very upset and even hyper-ventilated. I did live through the procedure, but spent the rest of the day in pain and exhausted. The dental specialist said I was so tense I weakened my immune system, thus allowing a sinus head cold to zap me in addition to my muscles and teeth aching.

I must have sounded pathetic on the phone that afternoon because my hubby booked me a massage for the next day. My teeth and nerve fractures are still healing and I’m still depending on my friend Advil.

It’s been one of those weeks.
It started with my dress catching on fire (be careful of candles) and continued with several emotional events. And yet…I am VERY CONVINCED that even though I felt totally out of control this week, God was IN control.

“My gracious favor is all you need. My power works best in your weakness.” 2 Corinthians 12:9

Lessons Learned: Just because it looks or acts authentic, it might not be, don’t feed a cat on your neighbor’s deck and plan to take it home until you’ve made sure it’s not the next door neighbor’s pet, and do NOT do deep “yoga” breathing during a dental procedure when you’re breathing in nitrous gas (my nose is still sore). The only thing I really AM convinced in, is that GOD sent Jesus for me (and you!) and He is in control.

In His Grip, Jane

The week is almost over and my hubby is here this weekend! Things are looking up.

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