Friday, July 29, 2011

Family Friday: Looking for the Hiding Place

We had quite a scare here yesterday morning. After a night of HUGE, LOUD, thunderstorms (the Thundershirt still didn’t help our dog, Sadie) I came down to the kitchen and found a note,“I fed the pets, but where is Tigger?”

What did Mike mean? Tigger is always down in the basement in one of his two spots. After he tolerates his kibble for breakfast (likes dinnertime better when he gets wet Meow Mix) he always lays down in one of his spots and has a nap.

(Tigger's bed)

(His favorite box)

I looked everywhere. I even used the flashlight. I checked closets, I called him, shook the dried food container, and even peeked into Sarah’s room to make sure he wasn’t snoozing with her. No sign of my fat cat. I knew he wasn't outdoors.

You have to understand what a difference a year makes. For the ten years that Tigger lived in the Yellow House he was an indoor/outdoor kitty; I felt like I needed a revolving door like at Macys. He used to get in fights,“cat-around” occasionally kill a bird, and basically enjoy his lazy life. All that changed when we moved. He’s turned into a true scardy-cat , and is afraid to go outside. If he goes out at all it’s for two minutes and we never lose sight of him. His quality of life has definitely gone downhill with this move to Illinois. Although food was always the hi-light of his day, now it’s the hi-light of his life!

I took our dog for a walk around the block and called for Tig just in case he had gotten outside. When I spotted a dead bird in our yard I was hopeful- it could be a sign he was out and about…Still, no Tigger.
(T.J. disposed of the bird, thankfully.)

Mike finally called and mentioned Tigger had gone outside while I was at Bookworms. On a side note, it was fun to see my Glen Ellyn/Wheaton book club friends. They had read the book Room about a mother and son who were forced to live in one room for years. Speaking of one-room-living; surely my upcoming school year living in a Studio apartment with my daughter Sarah won’t be terrible…
The Bookworms group got off on quite a discussion on Jacee Dugard being rescued, kidnappings, keeping our kids safe, etc.

Back to TIgger. Mike suggested looking in places near our house where he might have hidden during the storm. Sure enough, my big, fat, lovable cat was hiding in the old dog house behind our detached garage. When he heard me calling he stuck his wet head out the opening and happily followed “his momma” back inside.

I wasn’t going to stop looking for his hiding place until I found him.
I LOVE my cat.

Lesson Learned:
I suppose I need to set a better example to my cat that we live here now. Home is where your family is. Also, note to self; if Tigger isn’t in the basement, or on a chair in the living room or dining room, look out back in the “dog/cat” house.

I’m thankful that when I’m in trouble, I know where to go. “God is a hiding place in times of trouble.”
Psalm 9:9

In His Grip, Jane

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