Thursday, May 26, 2011

This Is Why

This week reinforced why I brought my daughter back to Gig Harbor to complete high school.

I remember when tennis didn’t work out for Sarah back in Illinois. The weather was SUPER hot with 100% humidity. (Hard to get used to for my Northwest daughter who was used to playing in cool, damp, weather.) The coaches were nice, but ruthless. The girls were NOT welcoming. Practices were never fun-always hard. It was nothing like her experience here in Gig Harbor on the Tides Tennis Team. Perhaps all the Glenbard West girls have aspirations to get college scholarships or play in the Olympics?

When Sarah decided not to continue the sport in Glen Ellyn it was a sad day for all of us. I was sad for her and me-I thought this was going to be the “ticket” to new friends. I had pictured her being invited over to her teammate’s homes. I had imagined meeting other moms sitting in the bleachers.

It was not to be.

We prayed,we persevered a semester, and then we came back "home".

When we returned to the Harbor for second semester she had an injured foot due to a big brother accident; torn ligaments, boot cast. We knew she’d be trying out for tennis in six weeks because it’s in the spring here. She rested it, then did physical therapy and got a special ankle brace.

For the second year in a row she made varsity and played doubles. She is an aggressive, offensive player and has a wicked overhand smash (I call it the slamma-jamma.)

Her coaches were so encouraging,her team was 3rd overall in league and she and her partner were practically undefeated.

Despite the rain-outs and cold, damp weather, SHE HAD FUN.

We had our end-of-season banquet this week. The weather finally cooperated and the girls and parents all had a great time.Sarah and I probably appreciated this season more than most. To add to the joy, she was nominated by the girls on the team to be next year’s team co-captain.

“A sincere prayer brings wonderful results.” James 5:16

THIS is why I’m back, and her Dad and I are living apart right now-seeing the delight on her face, hearing the excitement in her voice, knowing next spring will be here before we know it. She's enjoying school, and is surrounded by friends, teammates and adults at school and church who know and love her.

She’s a natural leader and no one in Glen Ellyn was giving her an opportunity to lead. God understands her needs and gifts, and is giving her this chance to grow through tennis and as a Young Life leader. She is thriving.

I’m glad He let the momma assist Him in making it happen.

“God hears our prayers when they are in line with his will.1John 5:14

What are you doing to help your children thrive?

In His Grip, Jane

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