Monday, December 13, 2010

Now Back at Me

I love the Old Spice commercials with the good-looking guy who says, “Look at your man, now back at me.” If only I could get my man to like body wash, but he’s a bar of soap guy…

Saturday was Mike’s company Christmas party at a swanky hotel. We weren’t sure what to expect other than a few cocktails, a nice dinner and fun conversation. What we were not expecting was a very fun disk jockey that would get almost everyone out on the dance floor after dinner and keep most of us there a long time.

His first brilliant “move” was having all the men invite someone they loved or enjoyed spending time with come dance to one of my favorites from the past, “Always and Forever”. Starting off with a slow song was fun and gave us a bit of confidence. Next the D.J. played other well known disco-type songs and actually “taught” us all the moves to make. Just like the Old Spice guy he’d say “look at me”. “Now do what I do.” Then he’d say “Look at your dance partner, now back at me.” We had such a great time and no one was self-conscious.

I find myself thinking that Jesus can sort of be our dance D.J. He wants us to do what He does, then try it out on people around us. He knows we’ll mess up and need practice and that we’ll feel more secure watching the professional. Our Christian walk is a bit of a dance; we need lots of instruction, then we’re bold enough to share the good news and His love with others.

"God will help you be truly successful."
Psalm 60:12

After all the fun I had on the dance floor, I sure would love it if Santa brought me a WII system and the “Just Dance” game!

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