Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hello, it's Me!

I’d been sitting at the counter missing my son T.J. and wondering when I could catch him between his college finals. Suddenly my cell phone buzzed; he was calling me! A few hours later I was up in my bedroom being an elf and wrapping a few gifts. I had decided to stay home rather than go to a newcomers meeting. My phone rang and this time it was my college daughter Allie who needed to talk over a few ideas about her student teaching next fall. (Glad I was home to take the call!)

When I look down at my cell phone caller I.D. and see one of my childrens names, I’m filled with joy.I remember another phone call from my daughter Allie. Back in June I was paying for my first pair of prescription glasses at Costco and my phone rang.(Yes, I’m "old" now and have decided there are times when the contacts need a break.) I didn’t recognize the number and I was SO surprised when I heard my daughter’s voice all the way from England! It was the first time she'd actually called me with a telephone in months!

Allie had been gone for two months, attending an amazing bible college in England called Capernwray. Her session was over and she was just about to do some traveling around Europe with new friends before heading back to the states. Thanks to technology I had been able to “talk” to her on Facebook and Skype her using a web cam. My whole day was brightened when I got to connect with her “live” and find out how she was.

I’ve been trying to call my Mom more lately. Every time I hear from one of my adult children and think about how happy it makes me, I feel compelled to bring that happiness to my own Mom. I wonder why it’s taken me this long to get in the habit of regularly touching base with her?

Parents need to connect with their children no matter how old they are. It’s been proven that just hearing your Mom’s voice can lower stress. There’s nothing like a mother/child hug; but a phone conversation is the next best thing.

My kids read a book in grade school by Judy Blume called “Are you there God? It’s me, Margaret”. Whenever I pray I feel like I’m having a good phone conversation with my Father in Heaven. I talk to God on a regular basis so I’m pretty confident that he recognizes my voice. I doubt he needs “caller I.D.” to figure out which child is touching base with Him. I'm also pretty sure He’s delighted to hear from me, plus He always is ready to have a good conversation.

“Our prayers bring us into God’s presence”
Psalm 145:18

Have you talked to “your Father” lately? Does He instantly recognize your voice?

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