Monday, November 15, 2010

Garbage Day

Today is Monday. Even if I didn’t have a calendar, I’d know due to the sounds of the recycling and garbage trucks braking at each driveway on my street.

What if every day was trash day? Imagine trash and recycling containers at the end of every driveway, every day. Not so pretty. I would really not enjoy hearing the sound of the trucks rumbling down the street every day. Why do the brakes squeak so loudly? My dog Sadie is really afraid of the noise and size of the trucks.

I am thankful for the trash collectors. They do a necessary and rather unpleasant job in all kinds of weather, and sometimes even on holidays.
As I was listening to the sounds of the garbage trucks this week I thought about sin. God allows us to dump our “trash” anytime we want. He collects it and disposes of it and makes us “clean”. I am in awe of God’s patience. Although He is Holy, He never tires of us confessing, asking for forgiveness and being made clean.

I wish I only needed to ask for forgiveness about once a week but it’s normally quite a few times each day. ” You are forgiving and good, O Lord, abounding in love to all who call to you.” Psalm 86:5

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