Monday, October 4, 2010

Reading Yard Signs

Our new hometown sure likes yard signs. As I’m on my walks I can’t help noticing all the signs posted by realtors and proud families. Even though there are quite a few “For Sale” signs, there are even more signs which announce who is a football player, soccer player, member of the music program, student at the private Catholic school, and on and on they go.

The day our house went on the market back in Washington was really hard. When they pounded that “For Sale” sign into my front yard it became “real”… Less than two months later our home sold and soon after that our realtor put the infamous “SOLD!” across the top. The next day I noticed another sold sign plastered on; the realtor who represented the buyer wanted to take credit too. OK! So it really was sold and it took the seller, buyer and two realtors to make that happen. The letters on the wooden sign let our neighbors know it was official.

Perhaps the proud parents of my new community want all the neighbors to remember that they officially have raised a great kid who is a star athlete, singer, dancer, etc… Well I have a great kid too. She’s the BEST! It just so happens that at the moment she’s not involved in anything I can brag to the neighbors about with a sign that the boosters or some other club created to be purchased as a fundraiser and stuck in the yard.

Maybe what I should do is create my own sign. It would say: Home of a princess, the daughter of the KING! She has committed her life to Jesus and is SOLD OUT to living for Him. Now that is something to be proud of…

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  1. Haha..very funny! Yard signs are very popular. If you’re serious about having one, I’d look into customizing your own yard sign.