Thursday, August 25, 2016

Things I've Been Learning This Summer

The calendar says there is only a week left of August! I have obviously been filling my time with things other than writing. Am I still blogging? That is a good and yet-to-be answered question, since I haven't posted for 6+ weeks... 

We have done quite a few trips in July and August and are thankful for our loyal pet-sitters. Perhaps I could become a travel blogger!

Here are some things I've been learning this summer:

1. I LOVE summertime!
I've taken a bit of a "fast" from spending lots of time in front of my laptop screen and popping onto Facebook multiple times a day. I've been keeping busy: at Charlie Barnes Kids where I work, taking my dog for almost-daily walks, read lots of books, tuned into the Olympics. binged on a couple Netflix shows, hung out with friends and enjoyed dinners on our deck with my husband. 

2. Our bible study group loves to gather all year long.
Our Women's ministry takes the summer off but almost every Tuesday morning my sweet group who ranges in age from 24 to 70, sit outside in a friend's beautiful yard studying God's word together. We went through Beth Moore's Book about prayer and now we're doing Ephesians. 

"And let us not neglect our meeting together, as some people do, but encourage one another, especially now that the day of his return is drawing near." Hebrews 10:25

3. Getting away to spend time with family and friends is money well-spent.
In early July Mike and I traveled to Indiana to visit my family and we had a fun gathering at the home of one of my nephew's. Wish all my kiddos could have joined us!

After dinner out with dear friends (note to self... many restaurants are closed on Monday night), we stopped by Butler University, home of the Bulldogs, where my husband attended college and I had taken some Masters in Education classes.

Next, we headed to Omaha to visit the Carver side of the family and celebrate Mike's birthday.

At the end of July we drove an hour East of Spokane to Sand Point, Idaho. We rented a house with some friends big enough so there would be room for all our kids to join us. The guys golfed, we hung out on the lake, read, played games, road bikes, and even picked blueberries. We missed our two in L.A.!

4. I love the grown-up versions of my kids!
Our Nashville girl officially became a Spokane, Washington girl and we made a trip to IKEA to gather some items for her new apartment.

Her new place is so hot cute! I loved my welcome sign.

I'm honored that the "teaching gene" has been passed down from my parents, sisters and I to my own children. BOTH our daughters will begin teaching jobs in Spokane; one in Middle School and one in High School, and our oldest son is teaching in a Los Angeles High School. Our other son is in Grad school, studying to be a counselor.

Here are my cute daughters on the Whitworth campus. Love them!

5. I NEVER get tired of attending weddings!
We attended the wedding of one of our son's sweet friends who used to hang out at our house all through high school. That handsome, tall groomsman is my #3 child. Love him!

A couple weeks ago a young friend from my bible study had a beautiful wedding in a field. Everything about the event was very personal and totally fit the bride's personality.

6. There is nothing FREE about a "free" kitten.
We adore the new addition to our family! Our kitty Thor (his "Dad's" College nickname) has quite a story. He was rescued from the side of the road in Spokane, adopted by a family who discovered they were allergic, cared for by my youngest daughter, and driven across the state to me by my son. The whole family is smitten with the kitten!

We have already spent around $400 between the immunizations, Cat condo, and other gear. Our Vet suggested we buy another cat climbing item for upstairs if we want to keep him off the table and counters. He just wants to "get high." Anyone know of a better deal than $99 at Costco? If you agree that my kitty is adorable, I have been sharing some of Thor's adventures on my Instagram account "Jane His Wife." He has definitely moved into his terrible twos...

 Thor is absolutely the spitting image of our beloved Tigger who passed away in January. 
Don't you agree?

Big Tig (He was cherished for 15 years!)

7. Some crazy people head to the HOT desert in August.
When my husband had a weeklong meeting at one of my favorite resorts in Scottsdale and he invited me to join him for the weekend, of course I said yes! I left sunny and 80's here in the Harbor for SUNNY and over 100 degrees in Arizona! But...I got to read on a lounge chair, drink delicious cocktails (like the Mango daiquiri pictured above), and float in the pool. My only task for each day was to decide where and what to eat. I love Scottsdale and the JW Camelback!

8. When the news is bad, we need to draw near to God.
Watching the news is really hard. I often try to avoid it and yet I need to stay informed to what is happening around the globe so I'll know how to pray. Please join me in prayer for all the areas suffering from flooding, forest fires, tornadoes and earthquakes.

As your summer winds down, I hope you experience God's peace and joy. What have you been learning?

                                                                                 In His Grip, 

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