Friday, March 18, 2016

5 Favorites on Friday, and One More Thing...

Happy Friday! The rain has temporarily stopped this week in the PNW, and everyone is out and about due to what we call a "Sun break." My list of 5 favorites is quick this week because I have something else on my mind. Here are my favorites this week:

1. Beautiful sunrises
2. Walks on sunny days
3. Reading on a lounge chair in the sun
4. Not having to wear layers since the sun is hot
5. Sipping a cocktail on a deck or patio watching the sunset with my hubby

Do you see a pattern? I love sunshine! I love warm weather! I might not live in the right state...

That mountain, in all it's glory in the photo above, is one of the reasons we put up with some rainy days months. Forecasting the weather in the Seattle area is challenging. Each day normally has many different types of weather; showers, cloudy, rain, wind, sun breaks, and sometimes...sunshine!

Having returned from a get-away to Arizona last week with my hubby, I noticed that people dress according to where their habitat is, so let's talk fashion...

Shorts? Here people wear them pretty much all year 'round, but usually when it's 60 degrees or above. Back where I grew up in Indiana, kids couldn't wear shorts to school unless it was 80 or above.

Down jackets? Yes, in Chicago and Indianapolis (our former hometowns) people normally wear them in the winter. Here? Basically if the sun isn't out and the temp is low 50's or below, many are pulling on a puffy coat. It just feels colder here due to the dampness. Chicago has "Lake-effect" wind chill... we have "Ocean/Puget Sound/clouds~effect" coldness. 

Tank tops? I was one of the few people at the Scottsdale outdoor mall wearing one. It was sunny and low 70's. Most locals had on long sleeves or sweaters. (I was a bit chilly, but by golly I was on vacation and I'd packed "hot weather clothes!) Let it be noted that I often wear sleeveless tops under sweaters in case I have my own mini "Tropical vacation" due to being a certain AGE.

And one more thing... I love weddings and love being married. I do however, think we should have added another vow.

When the bride and groom are saying their vows it's not just "for better, for worse." What about "in sunshine and in rain..." When you get married there is never a promise that the sky will always be blue and that evenings will be cocktails on the deck. Sometimes it's stomping through puddles and mud in the park walking the dog. (There was that one fun Saturday when we participated in our town's "Sip and Stroll.)

I am a MUCH more content person when the climate is sunny and warm. Candles and coffee became popular in the Seattle area for a reason; we need warmth people!! Until my next get-away, or until Mid-summer when our weather here is spectacular, I will do my best to appreciate each day no matter what the weather is doing. I'm praying the Lord will help me have the attitude of your apostle Paul.

 "I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances." Philippians 4:11 NIV

Smiling in the sun...

Smiling in the rain...

No matter the weather, we enjoy being together...

Do you mind the rain? Enjoy your weekend friends!

In His Grip,

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