Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Drop In!

It’s been one month since we moved into our new house in downtown Gig Harbor. 

When we first walked into this house we knew. 31 years of marriage and eight + houses, we knew what we were hoping for. Due to a remodel about six years ago, it was move-in-ready. This house had it all; location, view, size, charm. Yep, we were smitten.

I still claim that God led us to this place and kept it available for us until we could finagle the finances and make an offer the seller would accept. It had been on the market (above our price range) all summer, and yet it was still waiting for us. After a stressful weekend of counter offers, we finally received the news that it could be ours and we've been on cloud nine ever since.

It's fitting that we named this home “Cloud Nine!” (It’s the ninth home we’ve lived in, it’s the ninth home on the right off of the main drag, and the view of the clouds on sunny or gray days is breathtaking.) 

Remember the letter that Jane and Michael Banks wrote to inform their parents of the type of nanny they hoped for? Well we, Jane and Michael C., "wrote" lists in our heads and prayed together and individually. Our prayers were heard and even though it took quite a few years and some zig zags back and forth to Chicago, we received our hoped-for home. We're as happy as the Banks children when they realized how special Mary Poppins was! 

We've already noticed a change in our routines; I walk to work, Michael swims at the YMCA, we invite friends over more, and we feel settled. Rather than constantly wondering when our landlord might go into foreclosure, going to open houses, drooling at Pinterest house ideas, or commuting back and forth, I can spend my time more wisely. We love having a place with a central location so we can offer up our home and have friends drop in.

A couple Sundays ago I was reminded of the book, City Mouse~Country Mouse. The story tells of cousins and their very different life-styles. It ends with the country mouse deciding he liked his simple life out in the country better than putting up with the dangers of city life. 
"Better beans and bacon in peace than cakes and jelly in fear!"

I, on the other hand, though thankful for the 2 1/2 years we spent out in the country  on the remote, quiet island, am thrilled to be a city girl. (My city is not a huge metropolis, perhaps village would be a better term...) I can even say this after we've encountered our first (hopefully only) theft.

We were HOME, watching the Seahawks game, and a young man swiped Mike’s bicycle right out of our garage. (We’d taken a break from the unpacking.) I find it a bit ironic since the police station is catty-corner from our house. Our local police were stellar and the bike was returned to us six hours later. (Lesson Learned: There is a much better chance of items being found, if you report thefts quickly.

I now keep the garage doors shut, lock our doors, wave to the police, and continue to be grateful for our barking guard dog Sydney. 

Even better than knowing the police will come quickly when we call, is knowing that every prayer I shoot up is heard. Sometimes God has a different plan than mine, sometimes I have to wait on the Lord's timing, and sometimes He gives more than I could ever imagine.  

How about you? Are you fond of living in the country or the city?

This "City" girl is on Cloud Nine and In His Grip
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