Sunday, August 10, 2014

How Was Your Weekend?

Sometimes the weekends without any major events can be the best. Listening to Pandora (Hillsong United this morning and Nat King Cole during dinner tonight) browsing old magazines, watching the new Jen Hatmaker show on my DVR. Here are some other moments from my lazy weekend:

And then there were two. Sydney was barking on the porch the other night and I realized what/who she was directing her barks to. Our neighbor's kitty, Emma, was up on their roof! A minute later, one of their other cats, T.J. (not to be confused with my son) was also on the roof.
Our cat Tigger has never attempted to get up on a roof. Perhaps he's afraid of heights like his "Mama?" Tigger is moving into the "assisted living" phase of his life. His grooming habits are slacking off a bit and when I brushed him I got a tennis-ball sized mound of hair. Gross.
Blurry pics but see that 2nd little cat head on the left?

Yesterday I felt gross and was on a quest; to find somewhere that I could get my hair shampooed. You know that icky feeling when the surgeon says no shower until Monday and your hair hasn't been washed since Wednesday and you can't take it anymore?! My hubby would have gladly helped me in the sink if we'd known how hard it would be to find a place. We stopped by three salons; all closed. Finally after getting a bite to eat and picking up beautiful flowers at the Farmer's market we stopped by the local HairMasters. I'm now a fan since their shampoo was $6 and I felt like a whole new me!

We finally watched God's Not Dead. The movie was OK and the arguments were good and valid. We would definitely have changed the ending though. It is true! God's Not Dead!

I am hooked on the book The Blue Bistro, by Elin Hilderbrand. I'm listening to it on my Audible app which is handy when packing boxes.

Besides the sunshine and seeing kitties high on a roof, my other favorite weekend blessing was the gift of tonight's dessert. While I sat out back this afternoon, one of my dear friends who lives around the corner, snuck in and left two sweet little blackberry pies on my kitchen counter. SO thoughtful, and I've been craving pie! Thank you Lola, for your kindness.

Hope you all had a good weekend too!

In His Grip, Jane

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