Saturday, May 10, 2014

Attention: You're Not Cool

I thought I was SO cool as I flew home from attending my niece’s wedding in Indiana. That feeling only lasted for a while... Here's a picture of the cute couple.
There are no direct flights to Indianapolis and so the cheapest flight I could get took me through L.A. on the way there and Phoenix on the way back home.  I forgot my I-pod and decided the fee for Internet would be worth it on my long travel days. (I think it was $5 on Alaska and $8 on Southwest.)

Last month I got to use Mike's upgrade and sit in first class. While sipping my free white wine I watched everyone walk by and wondered if they were envious of my spot. I felt special. Sort of cool.

This trip I was just like everyone else; waiting my turn to board, squeezing in, ordering my Diet Dr. Pepper. On the Indy to Phoenix flight I was in the Southwest "C" group. Translation: you board last and you WILL be only able to find a center seat. When I left Phoenix I got to board with the "B" group. Translation: it is more likely you might be able to get an aisle seat or sit near the front.

I saw a spot in the second row and I quickly snagged it. The only problem was the overhead bins near my spot where all full so I had to put my carry-on suitcase a few rows back. My seat-mates were nice and didn't talk too much.  I even got to swap magazines with the young Mama next to me. Of course I gave her my business card for Charlie Barnes, the baby store where I work.

Wi-Fi on a plane is cool! I happily checked emails, “talked” to my hubby, perused  Facebook, wrote a blog post, caught up on some blogs and even checked out Pinterest all while listening to music on Pandora. Almost like being at home even though I was thousands of feet up in the air.

I thought I was so cool getting to disembark quickly after a nice man passed up my carry-on. I hurried toward baggage claim because I knew my hubby was waiting in the cell phone lot. I am always a fast walker. Just ask my husband. I was half-way down the terminal, heading into the women’s room before going to baggage claim when I heard an announcement over the P.A. that caught my attention. 

“Passengers who just arrived from Phoenix” (oh, were they going to announce which number our luggage would be on?) “you might have left some personal items on the plane.” My brain engaged. I looked down at my carry on and noticed the front laptop storage space was EMPTY. 

They were talking to me!! I hadn’t grabbed my Macbook that I’d stashed under the seat during landing!

As I raced back to the gate I had to walk by ALL the passengers who had sat further back on the plane. They totally knew the blonder than she pays to be lady must have forgotten something. 
Who was cool now? 

I am so grateful that my laptop was waiting for me. I am thankful for the announcement over the P.A. that caught my attention. I’m glad this travel story had a happy ending. They say pride comes before the fall. I guess I will learn not to think I’m “all that” just because I got a good seat and had Wi-Fi on a plane. 

Proverbs 11:2 "Pride leads to disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom."

I’m reminded of a Scott Krippayne song. It's called, I'm Not Cool, and I think it's my theme song. I used to drive my daughter crazy singing those lyrics. "I'm not cool, that's OK. My God loves me anyway."

God loves me SO much that He even used an airport P.A. system to get my attention so I wouldn't lose my expensive computer. 

Acts 9:6 "Arise and go into the city, and you will be told what you must do." (Pay attention, hurry back to the gate and ask for your laptop.)

God is deeply involved in every aspect of our lives and he also wants to get our attention. How has he gotten yours lately?

In His Grip, Jane

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