Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Is Your Door Open?

My Mama has officially moved into her new apartment in the Barrington Retirement Center. Yay! We have been waiting for years for the center to be built. The process of eliminating belongings and furniture has taken quite a long time as well. It’s been hard letting go, and she’s in a beautiful spot and she’ll have a community right outside her door! 

Being ready to “open your door” is a blessing to others. I want to be like my friend Sue, who always opens her home to others; for a meal, to spend the night, for bible studies, or just to visit and pray. 

Some people don’t invite people over because they feel their house is too small, or not clean, or not decorated like a Pottery Barn Catalog page. On any given day I might confess my current home has very hairy wood floors (even though I Swiffer daily!), but the real issue is I feel like my home’s location hinders friends from popping over. It’s not on the way to anywhere; friends must plan an intentional visit if they're driving to the END of Fox Island. And so, my hubster and I continue the moving conversation~somewhere closer to town.

I did learn this month that some doors should definitely be left closed. The refrigerator.
I prepared my overnight egg casserole, stuck it in the fridge and went up to bed. (It was a MOPS morning. We have yummy breakfasts at our gatherings and I signed up to bring a hot dish.)

HOT doesn’t describe what I encountered when I swung open the fridge door in the morning. Liquid butter sloshed out of the door where I had put the two boxes of butter I bought. Yep. The door was cracked, thus leaving the lightbulb on. The solid butter boxes were solid no more. A visual came to mind...

The mess was wicked!! After a roll of paper towels, sudsy hot water and a few milk cartons down the drain, things were back to normal. NOTE to Mops mamas~ Sorry to confess that  I baked and brought the casserole. I had some myself and didn't get a tummy ache. I hope no one else did...

I think my Mom is going to love having friends knocking on her new door and I know she’ll invite them in. She probably won’t fix them dinner (downstairs is a Pub, Bistro and Restaurant), but I imagine they’ll have a drink together. 

There is someone who might be knocking on the door of your heart and patiently waiting for you to open it and let Him in.

“Look! I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.” Rev. 3:20

Have you answered the knock on your door? He doesn’t care what it looks like when you invite Him in.

Lessons Learned: 
You can't take it with you but once you move to Heaven with all your brothers and sisters in Christ you won't even miss what you had to leave behind!
Open hearts and homes~good. Open refrigerator doors~bad!

In His Grip, 

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