Friday, January 11, 2013

Cooties on the Corner

I've caught a bug. It must be a mild strain of the flu that is racing across America. This is one event I really didn't want to participate in.  I now understand why I felt so out of sorts Tuesday. Hopefully I didn't infect any ladies with my "cooties"... I’m doing the recommended things; liquids, the B.R.A.T.’s diet, sleep, and Tylenol. My sweet friend is dropping off some groceries and “plumbing pills” since my man is out of town and I shouldn't leave "Carver Corner" right now.

Bugs just aren't fun. When we lived in Illinois we had REAL BUGS in our house. We cut a tree down that was a mansion for ants and they marched into our house. We called the exterminator and the truck came.  the "bug man" came, in his car. Bill was an older gentleman who was, shall we say, not gifted in the good-looking category. (Sort of like certain people should be on radio vs. television.) He always seemed to arrive early and would sit out in the street in his car until I would walk over and tell him it was OK to come in and begin. It was awkward and he sort of gave me the creeps.

He did his “thing” with the sprayer foam and powder in the windows & basement and put traps in the detached garage (yep, we had mice too). He put us on an every-other-month treatment schedule so I had the task pleasure of greeting Bill several times in the following year. Since I am shallow & immature  prone to making up jingles for everything, I made up a song in my head about our “bug man”.

Bill! You bug me so, you always will…” (I just changed a few lyrics from Wedding Bell Blues by The 5th Dimension.)

When I see a spider I sing that silly song in my head, then I think about how I hope Bill felt appreciated for a job well done. This week I've been wishing I could rid myself of guilt and my bug just by dialing Bill. 

Lessons Learned:   I might not have enjoyed Bill’s visits, but I did reap the benefit from his work ethic and successful results. Did I engage him in conversation? Did I act different around him just because of his appearance? He did his job well and the ants and mice went away. 
“People judge by outward appearance, but the Lord looks at a person’s thoughts and intentions.” 1Samuel 16:7

Stay healthy my friends, and when I take myself out of quarantine I’ll be heading out to get that flu shot…
Go Seahawks!!

In His Grip, Jane

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