Friday, February 24, 2012

A Week of Changes

The See Jane Move recap of this week:

  • We woke up to a winter wonderland-our tree lined street looks very pretty. 
  • Our daughter earned her teaching certificate-yay! We're so proud of her and she's the 7th person to become a teacher in the Story-Carver family.
  • Mr. Mike probably procured a job.
  • We sold our house to a Chicago couple-if we can afford to fix "the list"...
  • Tried two new beverages; Barium for a tummy CAT scan~not enjoyable and a Tom Collins made with Absolut Grapevine-quite enjoyable! Thankfully the CAT scan showed nothing is wrong with me except stress.
  • Listened to a great sermon on my word of the year-JOY.
  • Watched the first and second seasons of Downton Abbey-love, love, love!
  • Signed a lease for a rental home on Fox Island with a wrap around porch.
  • We had our house inspection yesterday and the list of issues was bigger than we expected...perhaps our inspection 18 months ago wasn't "above board"?...
  • I happened upon a bunch of aqua "Ball" jars at an antique store.Score!
  • Our youngest built a house in Tijuana with her Mexico Mission Team.
  • Downloaded and started using the My Daily Yoga App on my IPAD. 
  • It was confirmed that the small tropical heat waves I've been having are indeed due to being in that "change of life". How is it possible? I still feel and act 17. (Probably T.M.I. but I was surprised.)
When we weren't watching Downton Abbey and I wasn't on Pinterest, we've been packing like crazy. Binny's sees us every day as we gather more boxes.

Tigger found out he would be flying ahead, alone, then hopefully spending a week in prison (Purdy prison kennel that is..) He is NOT pleased but four days driving a cat in a small car doesn't sound like a good plan.

In two weeks we'll be driving away from Glen Ellyn and headed west. Considering I've never really been a big fan of changes, God is certainly teaching me to trust and it's probably a good thing I discovered the yoga app!
To be continued...

"All things happen according to God's will." Ephesians 1:11

In His Grip, Jane  (I also answer to The Countess of Carver Cottage) 

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