Friday, September 16, 2011

Landing Hard

Apparently my daughter Sarah and I have more in common than sharing a room. We fall down. We land hard. We hurt.

Sarah fainted Saturday night and whacked her head on a tile floor. She was fine but we continue to worry about her tendency to have Vasovagal Syncope (a fancy name for fainting due to being over-heated,dehydrated, or scared).

The next day she spent the afternoon resting on the couch with a headache. I was typing quietly on the other side of our “not so big” studio, when I heard her call me. I jumped up to run over and see what she needed, tripped over a cord, and fell. I literally did a face plant. Klutzy me landed on my hands and knees and teeth. I was thankful I landed on a rug and glad nothing was broken.

"The LORD upholds all those who fall and lifts up all who are bowed down.
" Psalm 145:14

My teeth and wrists hurt but I didn’t think too much of it until two days later when my teeth were still throbbing. After x-rays at my dentist who sent me next door to an Endodontic specialist, I was diagnosed with fractured nerves inside my tooth and gums. He said I’d had “trauma”. I’ll say!

I haven’t had any dental issues since I got my braces off when I was 17! Now I’m looking at a possible root canal. “Oh bother” as Eeyore would exclaim. I’m on heavy doses of Advil and “self-medicating” with some red wine until I go back for a re-check to see if my tooth is dying...

I think back to all the times I’ve fallen; hurdles in 8th grade, landing on my very pregnant tummy forcing Mitch’s c-section, bus stop on gravel, down a flight of stairs while house hunting (on my tailbone!) and now this. This time it hurts a lot and the damage might be permanent.
ing is not.

Lessons Learned: Do not open your mouth to gasp/yell an inappropriate word when you’re falling down because you might hit your teeth, don’t run in a small studio apartment, and perhaps a device should be created for Sarah and I that announces “we’re falling, catch us!"

In His Grip, Jane

Photo source: Palo Alto Dental Care

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