Saturday, April 9, 2011

Sisters, Sisters

I am a “Story Girl”. There are three of us and even if I’m over 50 I am the baby of the family. Apparently I’m still “spoiled" too. (Just ask my sisters!) I know my parents were secretly hoping #3 would turn out to be a boy (there were no ultrasounds back in ’59), but they were destined to be handed another pink blanket. Their friends weren’t very tactful at the time. A few years ago my mom gave me the baby cards she received when I was born. She might not have if she had re-read them. Many of them said, “Sorry you didn’t get your boy”… Thankfully, my parents always made me feel loved and accepted. I’ve been thinking about the importance of sisters and that I actually have more than two in my life.

The Story sisters:
Ann is my oldest sister. She’s the redhead, very musically talented, and an amazing educator of the vision impaired. She is one of the busiest, yet most thoughtful people I know. Ann raised three girls and has four sweet grandchildren. When she came to visit me at my new home this summer I looked out the window and there she was, out playing with my dog in the backyard while I was just waking up and in my pajamas.

Jill is in the middle. Despite the fact that she used to slam me against the wall with her back brace when she was in Jr. High, we’ve always been great friends too. (I've forgiven her.) She was the cheerleader, is a fantastic P.E. teacher and department “head”, has coached and raised two great boys.She has a huge heart. When Jill came to visit me in my Illinois home I looked out the window and there she was out front with my husband doing yard work. Do you see a theme here? They are early risers and I am not (although I could blame that one hour time change…)

Ann and Jill both have kind husbands and I learned how to be a good baby momma from them.They also swing by our Mom's house whenever they can. Unfortunately I haven’t lived near them in over 18 years so we keep in touch by phone and I see them once or twice a year in Indiana.

I love my sisters and hope they see that my desire for them to know Christ is because I love them. "Go home to your family and tell them how much the Lord has done for you, and how he has had mercy on you." Mark 5:19

The Carver sisters
: My daughters Allie and Sarah are best friends. They both have their daddy’s beautiful brown eyes and though they are five years apart and have very different interests, they both love God and each other. I am so glad they get to experience the joy of having a sister in addition to their two wonderful brothers.

My husband has a younger sister named Chris, and Kelly is married to Mike’s younger brother. They are so fun to be with when we head to Omaha!I wish I could spend more time with them.

Sisters in Christ: I’m grateful God has given me tons of “sisters” in Washington State that I am in relationship with. They support me, challenge me, teach me, and it's nice to know they're all over town at many different churches. I love them all and dread having to leave them again in a year.

Hoosier sisters: When we were a young couple living in Indiana we had a small group at our church that helped us grow spiritually. We spent many Saturday evenings and retreats with them.We try to see them whenever we head to Indy.

Prayer sisters:
For the last 6+ years I have met twice a month with a small group of special friends who are my go-to group. We have prayed over our children, husbands, community, weddings, births,illnesses, moves-you name it! Everyone should have a group like this.

M.I.T. sisters:
I joined a Moms in Touch group this past fall and met moms who are passionate about praying for their high school children and the schools they attend. I’ll rejoin the group in the future and we’ll pray for our kids in college.

Parkview sisters: I met some great women at our new church in Illinois. They even took me to Beth Moore Live as their guest when they hardly knew me.

Esther sisters: In the fall back in Glen Ellyn, God led me to a Beth Moore bible study. I was quickly embraced by the group and we had a wonderful season of study and fellowship. Knowing I can rejoin their group when I move back to Illinois after Sarah graduates is a good thing. I'm having them over for brunch when I visit Glen Ellyn on Spring Break.

Chi Omega sisters:
Yep, I was a Chi Omega at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. My sorority was filled with smart, pretty, driven young women and oh did we have fun! I am in touch with a few of my BFF’s and have also reconnected with some at a reunion and on Facebook. Some of the nicest women I run into are Chi Omegas. Just sayin’…

How about you? Were you given biological sisters? Do you have sisters in Christ? Have you stopped to think about how important all these women are in your life?

The picture at the top is from the 1954 classic movie, White Christmas. Have you heard the song Sisters,Sisters? "Those that have seen us, know that not a thing could come between us."

Sisters are a gift.

In His Grip, Jane

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