Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Merry December

It is December 1st and it is time to be merry! I love Christmastime, and the fact that the first snowfall of the winter came this morning made me think "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!"

The dictionary defines merry as an adjective that means to show cheerfulness, delight, enjoyment, and to move quickly. With all the beautiful decorations, peppy music, hurrying shoppers and joyful gatherings it is easy to see why the word “merry” was put in front of the word “Christmas”. I also like how the British say "happy" Christmas. It is a happy time for most people.

As I was listening to Christmas carols last night (really listening to the lyrics) I was struck by how much they tell the story of the gift God gave humanity. As a child growing up I knew the tunes and the words, but never spent any time contemplating what the lyrics meant because I didn't really know who I was singing about. There are a lot of people who celebrate Christmas for the fun holiday it has become and they focus only on all the gift-buying and gatherings.

Friends used to ask me if I was “ready” for Christmas. I assumed they meant have I; shopped, wrapped, sent my cards, baked cookies, bought my party outfit, decorated the tree and house, etc. I always answered that “yes, I am ready for Christmas in my heart, just not quite in my home”.

This is the first Christmas in thirteen years that I’m not in my yellow house in the Harbor. I’ve been finding places in our new home to put our decorations (the ones that didn’t break in the move). We used to cut down our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving but this year we were driving home from Omaha. Now my man Mike has taken off for a much-deserved golf getaway/business trip so I don’t get a Christmas tree (from a lot) until he returns next week… I'm not feeling very merry or happy about having to wait but I will try to be patient.

I have a sparkly Be Merry sign that I've put on my mantle. If I’m getting a little overwhelmed or melancholy this month I can look at it and be reminded that I need to not only be merry but I can feel merry thanks to a tiny baby in the manger who is the reason for the season.

"I bring you good news of great joy for everyone!"
Luke 2:10

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