Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fear and Freedom

I was concerned as I watched a cute little rabbit enter our backyard. I don’t think it had a clue that our Labrador-mix dog was up on the deck and would soon be dashing toward it. I was reminded of Peter Rabbit from the Beatrix Potter Tale when he is being chased by the farmer. Our rabbit was frozen with fear for a moment, then he hi-tailed it out of an opening in our fence. Whew, I was thankful for that ending…

Tonight it will be our dog’s turn to face her fears. She is quite an anxious dog and fireworks put her “over the edge”. We’ll be doling out some sedatives to keep her as comfortable as possible. Apparently they didn’t work so well on her plane ride from Seattle to Chicago-she still barked so much she was hoarse.

I have way too many fears; heights, falling, cancer reappearing, will my daughter and I make new friends? Today is our country’s independence day. We celebrate our freedom as a nation. I loved the way the pastor at the church we visited this morning talked about how we are new people in Christ. Even more important than being proud Americans, we need to remember we are citizens of Heaven and act accordingly.

I am so thankful I live in a country where I am free to worship my God without fear. I need to stop worrying and being anxious about things I have no control over, and live in the freedom that comes with being a child of God. Have you thought about what a gift freedom is, or do you take it for granted?

Now if only I could convince Sadie the dog that the fireworks won’t harm her… Happy 4th!!!
Blessings, Jane

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