Thursday, June 3, 2010

Be Careful What You Cover Up

The past two weekends, my husband has spent hours ripping apart our back deck to uncover the septic system lids. Why did he build it OVER the openings? Good question! Five years ago I don’t think he was paying attention when we had it pumped out (OK, we’ve also learned you shouldn’t really wait 5 years between “cleanings”…) Anyway, the deck looked really pretty, the grass was green and it totally hid what was lurking underneath. Now however, our yard is torn up, the deck is torn up and we’re moving in three weeks. It’s been a rather smelly day around here and I doubt the new owners want to repeat our mistake, so Mike needs to put it back in a way that won’t hide the openings.
I think a lot of us like to cover up what’s lurking underneath. We put on our make-up and our favorite outfit and pretend to the world that all is well. If people could see right into our souls they would know things aren’t always the way they appear… Luckily God is there to help us uncover what we need to, and then He helps clean up the mess and “rebuilds us” so we can go out into His world and bring Him glory.
I’m excited that our new yard in Illinois does NOT have a septic system and that God is continually uncovering layers to help me become authentic. Because of His grace, my sins are forgiven. Now if it would just stop raining, maybe Mike could cover the hole in the backyard. In the meantime, I think I’ll light a candle…

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